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          The Functional Nano-Material Group is a special interest group of SINANO devoted to the advancement of new structure and physical chemistry of low-dimensional nano-materials. The group is aiming to develop functional nano-devices and composites which can be self-sensitive, self-diagnostic, self-adaptive, and self-repairing, through a series of treatment such as controllable growth, assembling, and functional modulation, and with introducing nano-processing technique and bionics principles as well. On the other hand, the group has also a strong connection with local companies attended to a wide application of functional nano-materials in a new generation of high-performance structural materials, low-price transparent functional materials, and functional coating materials. Today, most researches in the group are based on carbon nanotubes. The mechanisms and techniques of the growth, assembling, modulation, dispersion, and separation, are under study and are providing the basis and supports for future development of carbon nanotube based functional devices and materials.
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