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ADS: Dushu Lake, Higher Education
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Research area: III-V Compound Semiconductors and Devices Group
Team leader: Hui Yang, Jianrong Dong
Research: 1.III-V compound semiconductor materials and devices for high-efficiency solar cells.
2.Integration of optical system, concentrator and dichroic prism with solar cells.
3. the development and mechanism reshearch of new type solar cell material and device based on nanostructure.
4. Thermophotolvolatic cells.
Research area: High Flux LEDs for General Lighting Group
Team leader: Huaibing Wang
Research: 1. R&D of high-power GaN-based LEDs for lighting
2. R&D of GaN-based blue-LDs
Research area: Functional Nano-Material Group
Team leader: Qingwen Li
Research: 1. Controllable Preparation of Low-Dimensional Carbon Nano-Materials
2. Functional Carbon Nanotube Fibers
3. Separation of Carbon Nanotubes and Functional Carbon Nanotube Films
4. Functional Nano-Composites and Their Applications
Research area: Optoelectronics and Display Group
Team leader: Feng Li 、Qingying Zhou
Research: 1.Direct-lit LED backlight module, edge-lit LED backlight module.
2.Direct-lit RGB LED backlight module, COB LED backlight module.
3.Color-sequential LCD display.
4.Novel high speed LED backlight LCD display with low power consumption.
Research area: Micro-Integrated Optical System LCD Group
Team leader: Tong Li
Research: 1. High Transmission LCD Color Filter
2. 3D Flat Panel Display Technology
3. High-Power Compact Er:YAG Laser.
Research area: Nano Optoelectromechanical Devices and Systems(NODS) Group
Team leader: Hua Qin
Research: 1.Solid-state terahertz devices including emitters, detectors and amplifiers
2.Micro/nano vacuum electronic devices, Micro/nanoelectromechanical devices, plasmonic devices and the integration
3.Instrumentation and applications
Research area: Multifunctional Films & Devices Group
Team leader: Chunping Jiang
Research: 1、 Study of Chiral organic field-effect transistor sensor
2、Study of key technology for advanced transducer to smart grid
3、Technology and application of SPM.
4、Preparation of inorganic functional film / organic functional nano-materials.
ADS:Dushu Lake, Higher Education Town, Ruoshui Road 389, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou
Tel:0512-62872640 Fax:0512-62603079 Code:215123
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