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About NDMD
        The mission of the Nao-Devices and Materials Division (NDMD) is to perform a cutting-edge, world-class research in the field of nano-science and nano-technology. Inspired by the major strategic needs of our nation as well as the rapid social economic and technological development over the Yangtz Triangle Area, we are to conduct synergistic and multidisciplinary researches on both fundamental and applied sciences, with an aim to develop advanced energy and information related nano-technologies and products, and simultaneously to emphasize the innovative research on functional nano-structures and nano-materials. The focus of the division is to fabricate functional and intelligent devices with new nano-technologies, and gradually expand its domain into practical nano-devices, integrated systems and commercial products.

        A Young research team full of creation and cooperation and energy has formed since 2006. At present,there are 78 staffs in the Division. Among them, 58 are academic staffs, including 13 professors, and 4 associtate professors, 4 engineers, and 11 postdoctors. And at present, 1 obtained the National Science Foundation for Distinguished Youth Scholar, 2 obtained "Hundred talents" of CAS, 6 obtained scare high-level personal of Suzhou city.

        Now, Nano-Devices and Material Division have undertook 17 projects including: Key Project of Chinese National Programs for Fundamental Research and Development, Hundred Talent of CAS, Chinese National Nature Science Foundation, National Science Foundation for Distinguished Youth Scholar, Jiang Su Province Programs for Science and Technology Development, Jiang Su Province Programs for the Transfer of Existing Key Scientific and Technological Achievements into Productivity, etc. NDMD honestly welcome relevant experts from domestic and overseas to participate in as short-term visitor, guest-research fellow or consultants. In the mean time, NDMD would delighted to provide graduate education for any student with interest in our research range.
ADS:Dushu Lake, Higher Education Town, Ruoshui Road 389, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou
Tel:0512-62872640 Fax:0512-62603079 Code:215123
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